Camera Problems - Post .119 Update

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Ever since the latest .119 update, the zoom for videos have become extremely laggy *with stock camera*. It is not as smooth as it used to be. Also, I was wondering if you guys could implement a more smooth and seamless transition between the main lens and ultra wide lens like the iPhone 11 and 10 with the stock camera? That would great and I know many other people would like this. Best regards - Branden


  • Yeah why the stock camera app became so much worse in normal photo mode itself it is laggy and without any shaking itself the photos are being shaked by itself and it is also taking some time like 3 sec to take any photo. Battery also became worse.

  • Yea please seamless and smooth transition between main lens and ultra wide lens, and make smoother zoom

  • I don't think it will ever happen. Too much work and hardware limitations to get a nice visual effect.

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    I will if you tell me why this is important other than that it looks nice. It's like ColorSage said, a lot of work and hard to get perfect.

  • As someone mentioned in another thread which you and I also commented in, it looks nice and greatly improves the feel of the phone. It's just better and I know many of us would like to see this feature implemented ?? thanks!

  • Disappointed after reading the response especially from mod, thanks for the perspective. Now i know asus Zenfone is low(fake?) budget flagship. its deep down below realme x2 pro who get smooth transition and change lens seamlessly.

    Even my brother's old LG G6 can do it seamlessly.

    AND ALSO My previous phone Zenfone Zoom S(ZE553KL) can change lens from main camera to telephoto 2.3x seamlessly without delay and really smooth in ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT. Is there any change in Asus dev team?

    Sorry to say but, really it isn't really important? Don't diminish my faith to Asus phone.

  • I'm just trying to be honest. I understand you want this. It's not that. It's just that to get a seamless transition between cameras by software fix after product launch is so much more work and there's no guarantee that it will look great. Other phones that have a seamless transition has always had this transition from start. A lot of older phones like Zenfone Zoom S (ZE553KL) has a second depth sensor but it's using the same sensor for zooming all the way. It's not doing any switching. Phones with a main camera and second zoom (telephoto) camera are generally made from the beginning to give a close to perfect transition but in our case, we have a wideview camera with a very different image that makes it much harder to transition to. Since you can't make this transition during video recording, it's only a "NICE" thing to have. But I will make sure to comment to our camera team that we have to think about this for future phones. So I want you to know that I respect your request and it haven't been for thing but we're not going to change this for ZenFone 6. It's just the way it is. Therefor I declare this thread as closed

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