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I had 30% battery, it dropped to zero in an hour is it normal? I'm afraid to use the phone and I did everything restart, factory settings, safe mode, it's bad, after the last update it's even worse, I have a camera in my nose, fix the battery optimization , runs out incredibly fast, now 30%, after posting 19%, four minutes, shock and scandal, phone 8 giga on 256, and ordinary toy I regret all the money I spent, and still pure android, where your flagship zenui cover? another phone from every company stays with its cover, only you, I'm angry at myself that I trusted Asus, my old asus 2 is better to use than the flagship asus 6


  • My Zenfone 6 6GB/128GB has the worse battery life, too, I only get 6 hours of SOT and one day and half of standby.

  • It is not only happening for you it is happening to most of them mine also became worse i stopped all the auto start apps still i am not getting one day full with one charge.

  • In fact, the SOT from 100% to 0% is 7h30...

  • When you factory reset to factor out software, it's important that you don't restore your google backup right away because it might hold the very key factor to your battery drain. Some weird combination of settings and apps.

    I also heard from one users that found that a device on his network kept sending packages to his phone which kept it from sleeping. I'm not saying this is the reason in your case but there are so many things that can go wrong and it's never hard to find someone who has a battery drain issue regardless of which phone brand you have.

    I'm willing to help you log your phone so that we might be able to see what is wrong with your device. It's a lot of data to go though and not very easy to find the root cause unless it's apparent that one device drains A LOT more than it should

  • wifi doesn't ping, I checked, the phone sleeps at night, charging according to planning, I don't know what's going on anymore, sometimes the phone stays good and sometimes weak

  • See this my post in other thread here from November:

    And compare it with my actual AccuBattery statistics.

    Battery isn't any worse in A10 than in A9:

    Screen on 12h 32m

    Screen off 129h 23m

    Combined use 64h 33h

  • well, I have about 5 hours of SOTU, yes. should it be? probably not

  • I don't know what the hell is wrong but battery drain is more compared to android 9 and prior

    According to me my usage has been remained the same,

  • The 2 days of usage is a business argument, I never had a full 48h with my ZF6.

    Without surprise, honestly. I use a lot Chrome and Youtube, so that makes sense.

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