Tint lock screen option: Missing

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I have reported this bug since beta was launched. 'Tint lock screen' option was available during early stage of beta but it didn't work even if you enable it. Now this option is missing, if I go to settings and search for tint, this option will show up, but if I click on the search result the option doesn't show.

I can't keep light colored or multi-colored lockscreen wallpaper because the lockscreen clock won't be properly visible. Please fix this.


  • This was supposed to be removed. To my knowledge, none of the bigger manufacturer has this option. But it's ofc not supposed to show up in the search. I will forward this to our devs.


  • This was working in Android Pie for Zenfone 6. Probably developers decided to remove it in Android 10 as you said and added auto invert colors depending upon the lightness of the wallpaper. But it's not consistent. Look at this:

    Auto color invert worked for the above wallpaper but not for the one below

    Please suggest the developers to increase the intensity of tint as the white font on light wallpapers doesn't look as clear as in the screenshot when it comes to viewing the display.

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