Facebook services transferring data in background even though I have uninstalled Facebook Messanger

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Asus 6z (India version of Zenphone 6) comes with pre-installed Facebook Messenger. I don't use Facebook so I uninstalled messenger but today I saw, there is app named Facebook Services not visible in App drawer, used 1% battery and active for whole time since full charge. It transferred total 485Kb data, I guess it's total since I used my phone, 30 days.

I am being paranoid or the "Evil" Facebook using my data even though I am not using Facebook.

Question to Asus: You have give such near stock android experience why included Facebook Trojan in our phone which can't be uninstalled.

There is another hidden Facebook app which you can see in App list in setting.


  • We have the same firmware for world wide and a lot of other brands include facebook. There's nothing to be worried about but I can understand why some users don't want it.

    As you have already noticed, it's possible to disable it. (For those who don't know where to look, go to system settings -> apps & notifications -> all apps -> (press show system) search facebook. )

    Do have in mind that you will need to disable it every time you FOTA.

  • Noted..

    Thanks for pointing out FOTA case.

  • @Anders_ASUS

    Do have in mind that you will need to disable it every time you FOTA.

    I cannot confirm this. I disabled it once many months ago and it is still disabled after many updates, so disabling is persistent for me.

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