Unlock Device Tool no longer working?!

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Anybody knows if something's up with the Unlock Device Tool? I get "Unknown errors..." after I click on the last confirm button. Has worked before.


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    Which firmware version are you trying on?

    If you are trying on the last 119, it is possible that the tool is not yet adapted for this version.

  • When I look at my build number, that ends with 194-0. Not sure we are talking about the same thing

  • Yes, we are. So you have the latest version of Android 9.

    Android 9:









    Android 10:






  • Thanks for the clarification.

    Any info that the Unlock Device Tool wouldn't work with WW_16.1220.1909.194_0?

  • Have you ever unlocked the bootloader and do you have the experience of phone rooting?

    I don't want to bother, but why do you really need it?

  • Yes. As I said I used this tool before on this same phone. But a while after that the phone crashed because faulty motherboard. Now after Asus replaced the motherboard this tool no longer works.

    Is it working for everybody else?

  • Hi, it has been verified as working from our internal test.

    But suspect it can be a database mismatch causing it to not work, I've sent you a PM asking for your device details - we will use them to check back.


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    Did they replace it under warranty without any problems?

  • Hello,

    Would there be no problems upgrading from

    WW_16.1220.1908.189_0 (stock version) to 16.1220.1909.194 (FOTA update i received)

    I have read that a certain version upgrade bricked some phones. I'm from the Philippines but my phone is from Taiwan. The phone is yet to be released here so I doubt if i can have my phone fixed here should it encounter any problem. Thanks in advance!

  • I have read that a certain version upgrade bricked some phones.

    That's not true, it's not that any version is causing problems. If you have a defective motherboard, any stress on the motherboard can cause it to fail, of course performing a firmware update is stress, the Antutu test is stress, playing challenging games is stress.

    If all this is ever done and the phone is OK, then there is a high probability that your motherboard will not suffer from this issue.

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