solution for cod mobile (lag and freeze)



  • Hello, community,

    New update new problems and that is what a luck not only for us ROG users. 

    Since the new update to Android 10, there is currently the problem that in BR mode a black screen appears once per round. 

    After the current post from Activision there will be a fix in the near future which should solve this problem - we are curious.

    Since we don't want to wait that long, there is a solution that will allow us to play without any failure.


    in advance you can still use the profile that was posted above.

    1: You have to go back to Android 9 (takes only 5 minutes)

    Make a backup via Google Drive before you reset to 9.

    1.1 Download the official dorngrade version on Android 9 P from the Asus site

    1.2 After downloading the ZIP file, connect your ROG to your computer and open your mobile phone folder

    1.3 Copies the file into the folder ( Attention: Do not copy into any other folder )

    1.4 Restart your phone, you will now get a message that a new update is available.

    Downgrade and you are back on Android 9 P

    **** Setting in COD Mobile****

    You can find a picture in the appendix. You are welcome to try out the COD settings and tell us about them.

    See you on the battlefield ;)

    P.s sorry for my broken english :D

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