VoWifi rollout Jio and Airtel - India [Threads Merged]



  • Gaming mobile can release update late but not at verge of next android version release with many issues and without latest features. User can expect something more in mobile because there are gaming devices for games. Regarding price drop, Asus can confirm how many units they sold when its always out of stock, even I got mine after 1 month of order. I post everywhere to get it light to Asus that something good will happen to user who invested in their product. Satisfied users can be ignore reviews and be happy to promote/buy handsets from unsatisfied users to promote Asus. Disclaimer: Finally I am not posting this for other users who can just review the reply, its for Asus. who can do something.

  • Its April now, n still no sign of Vowifi on Asus zenfone 5z... Any update on this?

    I have Airtel n from Delhi n My other Xiaomi low end Phone has it now n Asus Flagship doesn't have it till now. I mean its pathetic that almost all other brands n the most entry level phones now has this feature n this doesn't.

  • I am tired of following-up with Asus on this. Multiple follow-up only response I get was template reply. No one even bother to call or update after that. Regretting everyday to buy such worst product from worst brand.

  • Welcome to the club lol

  • Do Asus have any idea to get Airtel WiFi calling in India or just create hype with decade old technology?

  • See the response from Asus. This is what the people they have and technology. But still some people support Asus and argue/comment on other posts. Asus is always worst.

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    See here in Display Option / Status Bar icon manager there you find that there is VoWifi. So why they said that about this. Asus just making fool of us.

  • Yes. Even their last update change log says it will support Jio VOWIFI but these people working for Asus are trying to fool customers. As mentioned in my previous comments, they way people responded to me over call or email from Asus better prove the state of Asus. They will never grow in market with people and technology they have. Rog 2 is not worth even half of the money. I regret of ignoring comments not to buy Asus products.

  • Now they say that it doesn't support hardware an all foolish ideas. I request you to all that just google VoWifi device support list then you find in category of Samsung There is J2(2016) LoL now 2020. 4 years old technology can have this feature so why we don't have this. In J2 there is Data Acceleration Mode also available in out phone they didn't give why Asus why. We pay for device we need customer service support. At youtube with TECHNICAL GURU JI Asus Member said that they will work for Better OTA we will give good customer service. Fake trust like China.

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