ROG Phone 2 Screen Burn In - Clarification Required.

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Hi All,

So I have been using the ROG Phone 2 for a while now and started noticing the Screen Burn-In which is disappointing.

I know this issue is common among AMOLED displays but this is the first phone that I actually noticed this issue, Have been using Oneplus and Samsung Note series of phones before with AMOLED displays. I was hoping for a phone that is desgined specifically for long hours Gaming sessions should have been worked on somehow to mitigate or minimize this. :(

Anyway, was just hoping if this will be covered under warranty or am I going to be stuck with this FOREVER.

Thanks in advance!


  • LOL it's so sad , i think u will press fingers hard towerds screen which inturn causes burns inside screen . SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME 2 YRS AGO WITH REDMI NOTE 4 WHICH HAD GOT A BIG REDDISH TINT. then i reduced pressure after purchasing ONE plus 6t and played in that day and night without too high pressure to screen and it's still excellent and safe till now.

    Try reducing pressure , it might help u in future.

  • I dont thing it happens due to pressure, see the image attached, it happens mostly in AMOLED screens when a same image is being rendered in the Screen for a long time, like the on screen buttons and HUDs of PUBG Mobile, I too use to have a Redmi Note 4 but it didnt have a AMOLED so your issue of reddish tint in Screen due to applying pressure may be a different case.

  • Hi i want to know. service center dint repair it for free because i had samsung s8 and had screen burn but they changed my screen in warrenty what happened in your case?? please explain thanks in advance

  • REPLACEMENT? well that's disappointing. I dont know what is gonna happen with me I wanted to check the forums before walking into a Service Center. If Samsung does it under warranty would Asus do the same or something better? Even if they change the screen the issue is gonna comeback again after long gaming sessions. BUMMER! :(

  • Well i think they will change so you better go to the service center and while gaming dont keep the brightness to full keep it a little low and less thum pressure on screen it will help u and do let as know about the replacement of screen

  • The complete screen and glass are actually quite cheap on AliExpress lol :p

  • I'm sorry this has happened to you. It's the downside with AMOLED but to my knowledge, this is the first case that I've seen in this forum. There is one other thread that I know of but his "burn-in" didn't really look like a burn-in.

    Regardless of the nature of whatever defect your screens might have, you need to contact the support in your country. I can't comment here if it's within warranty or not. It's up to them to take a look and determine if it will be covered or not.

  • May be the first case but certainly not going to be the last am afraid, as you said AMOLED and the Burn-In on AMOLED displays are a common thing which I got to know after a simple Google search but it was already too late for me. If not now but eventually alot of users are going to possibly report this sooner or later. ASUS being a lead player in this field should have done their R&D. It's a phone designed for GAMING and they should have thought it through that most of the customers are gonna be GAMERS. If you ask me had I known about AMOLED and its drawbacks I wouldnt have suggested to go with it for any phones designed for GAMING let alone ROG2. Now I have to run behind Service centres if its not known but after-sales service is pathetic here and its heart breaking to imagine my new phone is going to be possibly ripped and hope for it to come back in one piece. Frustrated and Disappointed to be honest. I dont have the privilege of time to spare but will try to reach out to some Service outlets and see how my luck turna out to be. Thanks!

  • can i ask which charger do you use while gaming? Official asus charger or other charger. I play heavy games like PUBG Mobile and my phone reaches 47° C while charging WITH OFFICIAL 18W CHARGER. I tried out oneplus charger and my phone temperature was reaching upto 53° C which might be harmful for the device. i suggest you to not use other charger while gaming to prevent damage.

  • Hi, I use Asus 30 W Charger and I have Aero Active Cooler 2 set to high and I dont dk gaming sessions while charging just to be on safer side. Without proper ventilation or with normal room temperature like 32 degrees C, the phone does get hot on HDR, Extreme but on lower settings its quite alright.

    My advice, although ASUS advertises that you can GAME ON while charging in Good practice its not recommended for Smartphones to be used thay too heavily when charging.

  • I am having the same issues... Can you please tell me is it solved?

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