cannot change refresh during armory games.

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greyed out quickbar refresh after december .64 update.

Cleared armory crate and screen recorder storage and cache.

But any armory games do not allow fps changes while playing (grey button), even if you have no profile for that game or fps was set at "as system".

I suspect something about default profiles changed, perhaps they all have a locked profile now?. Given my issue is slightly different from everyone else's, perhaps you broke it this way by trying to fix the longplay bug? I haven't experienced that longplay bug.

Fps change works if in armory.

Or if you removed a game from armory, game then lets u change fps from quickbar.

This bug wasnt in the august 12 patch you could freely change fps on quickbar during armory games.


  • Why the hell can u still toggle X mode but not FPS?

    I used to change refresh rate all the time for testing purposes.

    Seriously considering rolling back to 8.12 for this.

  • It's not a bug. It's not supposed to work during gaming. It could cause all kinds of issues depending on the game and because of this, we don't allow the user to change refresh rate during the game.

    The fastest way to switch refresh rate right now during a game is to leave it. Pull down the quick menu, switch, and enter the game again.

    Even this way could probably cause issues in some games too but it's less likely than doing it on the fly

  • So why do you allow it for non-gaming apps? It's fine if u disable game genie/armory.

    Most 120fps games i played supported adaptive changing.

    Why was it fine to have it on back in patch 08.12?

    And why is x mode toggle still allowed then? Overclocking cpu midgame is not unstable??? This whole thing sounds full of holes.

    Is there a hidden setting i can change to allow this? I'd rather risk crashing the game.

  • Changing clock speeds won't hurt anything. It's the act of changing the refresh rate that can kill games.

    If you want to get higher frame rates in-game. There's a nice glitch you can do. Set your default refresh rate in System Settings to 60Hz. Then through Armoury Crate, set your game to 120 Hz. Once in-game switch out of the game and back into it and the frame rate will be doubled. This has worked with many games I've played. It can break some badly coded games if the physics or game play is tied to frame rate though.

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