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Will we get a update that's give us the possibility to have m1 and m2 to be select and start?! It's useless atm... I didn't buy them to be only for touch games or to have it in hand controll all the time... Still funny that a big company like asus didn't make controlls with normal bottoms...


  • Will Asus give the possibility to remapping the bottoms on the controller or will they add m1 and m2 to be select and start in games?! I have problems to bind them in apps like steam link... Start I possible to bind but I can't get select to work I only open steam ui.. anyone have a fix for this if it will not be added?

  • I can forward your suggestion to our devs. Thanks!

  • Will or will not the kunai get update so you can have start and select on mobile mount versions?!?!?!?!?! Refund is around the corner and this starts to make me think about asus.. What's next forgot to add display port in next Graphics Cards... And if you won't fix it why send it to stores?!?!?!!

  • I've already let you know that this request has been forwarded to our accessory team. So far, you're the only one mentioning that this is a must have feature.

  • How can I be the only one that's wants 2 bottoms that every controll ever have? In touch mode this is not needed but if you play games where screen touch don't exist you will not be able to use this without them change m1 and m2.

  • Hi @Anders_ASUS , i see a lot of topic about this problem, i purchase this pad to play via Xbox streaming app, everything works fine but the impossibility to have the button M1 and M2 as start and select makes the controller useless for this type of application ( xcloud / stadia etc... )

    It will be awesome if this problem is fix !!! Please make it happen, we just want to play with your product as we want, nothing else.

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  • Hi just dropping by to let you know button remapping is sorely needed. I bought this phone entirely for pc streaming (I didn't even notice kunai had no start/back buttons) but for menus that don't have an on screen button I can't open the menu at all. The back buttons on kunai should be able to be start and back.

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    I know it's been awhile on this subject but I would really love it if you guys can put a start and select button on the M1 and M2 I went into steam I tried to remap them in the buttons are exactly the same as the a button it is considered buttons zero so if you could change this to button 10 and button 8 which would be start and select (I think that is the correct numbers) that would be greatly appreciated I don't want to have to go through the whole process of rooting my phone doing some weird super user edit I just kind of wanted to work. Thanks.

  • this really is a must have feature. everybody wants it. i bought this phone for pc streaming and ps4 link but there is no start/select buttons on controller??? i've never thought that there is a gamepad with no start/select buttons exists! unbelievable!

    sometimes i want to play some old games which have been ported to android like GTA:VC or MAX PAYNE, those games have controller native support which means i don't need to map any buttons on screen, but sadly there is no start/select buttons on the gamepad, how can i pause the game? useless m1/m2

    how about pc streaming? thank god we have steam link, this app allows us to remap those m1/m2. but what if steam link doesn't work anymore? i have some alternative apps like MOONLIGHT, PARSEC or AMD LINK. but these apps don't support button remapping because they thought "no way a gamepad with no start/select buttons exists"

    do something right away. this gamepad needs to support start/select as native buttons

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    What answer I got for this was it is not a priority and they hade some more importent to do instead. I think it's a joke and this community don't care for its users... It's sad but true.

  • they should just tell us will they do it or not. if they don't, we will go looking for a 3rd party app which can help us

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    They should just give us what we want.. It's insane that a big company like asus remove 2 bottoms that's needed and adds 2 that's not importent and then won't fix it when it's possible... If they not start to lisen to the community I will give this up and go for something els like razer they atlest knows how a controller looks like and works.

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    BTW I will recommend that you download gampad test app because the controller is crap and I have bottom problems on 2 off my gamepads now. I hope the 3 par works.

  • Even Razer has that.

  • I saw since January people are asking for updating the Kunai so we can use together with xCloud. No response yet? This is not what I can call respect for the custommers. I need this update or I'll forget Asus.

  • The fact you simply ignore the custommers has any relationshio with the fact you'll have a native Stadia app? So you canot attend the Xbox users?

  • I mean we just want to use your product with modern technology, so please give us an update ( don't tell us that you just release a special thing to use Xbox controller with the Rogue phone ) , WE want to use the kunai 😊

  • We will never get the update, the devs dont know what they do and if you look att every update its like the devs copy paste becuse they never find a solution to the bugs thats comes with copy paste code and hopes that its works.

  • Can we get an update on this from support? What is the issue here. There are posts all over the web on this, and as many have stated, this is critical to using this controls in many apps.

    It's vital to the ecosystem of these accessories that they be used together. Which is fine. Then let the start/select mapping be used so we don't have to buy new controls or a new phone to be on par with the rest of Android.

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