Motherboard issue

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Just want to know in how much time i ll get my phn with motherboard replaced it's already been week


  • I am in Bangalore. I gave my phone to Regeneresis (Asus authorised service centre). They replaced the motherboard and returned in 5 working days. It's been one month now and everything is working properly.

    One thing was that, they gave me a RMA number but didn't update status there. They called and sent an email after the phone was ready to be collected.

  • It depends.

    In my case they are fixing my zenfone6 nearly 40 days and still in diagnostic/repair status. Failed at least few attempt of tests. 5 more days left to reach 45 days in warranty card. I'm really dissapointed. Phone bought in Poland.

  • My part us ordered from banglore and I'm from Punjab. God knows how much they are going to take time for my phone... Do u know your full motherboard replaced or only lower or uper one... My email number is also not updated

  • @aditya.a.s.singh.18 No, i don't know which part they replaced. When i submitted the phone, they diagnosed and told they were unable to identify the problem and will need some time. Then they asked me for 5 days in which they said any part replacement needed will be done during this duration only. And after 5 days they contacted that i can collect the device.

    On the collection day, i was told it was a motherboard problem and they have replaced it.

    Before accepting the phone, i will suggest you do all the checkups. I installed Antutu 3d bench there only and tested. On Zenfones you can do hardware test, by opening calculator and typing .12345+= This will open the SMMI test app where all hardware components can be tested, from fingerprint scanner to flip camera to SIM Signal, storage, sensors, NFC, mics and all.

  • These test won't tell me bro i still had hatdware issue or not.... Because submission I had done these test bt still got motherboard problem

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