Missing Text Messages While Zenphone 6 (US) Is On Airplane Mode OR Turned Off OR Has No Signal

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Title says most of the problem. When my phone has no signal whether it be from the phone being turned off, airplane mode, or just lack of signal entirely I don't receive about 75% of my text messages.

I use Metro PCS and never had this issue on Verizon with my old LG V10. I called the carrier and had them do a network reset, factory reset the phone and tried different texting apps to see if maybe they would solve the problem, but alas to no avail. It was only once I got this phone I started having the issue. I've ruled out it's likely not the carriers fault, but rather a software or hardware related issue.

When I woke up this morning and turned on my phone it said I had a missed message, but when I went to my texting app there was no text there, and I messaged a friend to realize it was her who had texted me. So the phone seemed to of acknowledged there was a text, but then it didn't populate in the list of texts.

Do any of you have this problem? Have you solved it?


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