Swiping through apps glitch *with video proof* - Post .110

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Hi, all!

I recently came across a glitch when I was listening to music while doing some calculations with the Asus calculator. When using the navigation bar in the video, swiping through apps often results with a few glitches. As you can tell, in my music player app, I can change the song simply by swiping the album picture. But when I swipe to my music player app from the calculator app and immediately try to change the song, swiping the album cover takes me back to the calculator app and causes a screen glitch for a brief moment. If you watch the video, you will also notice a few screen glitches with both apps appearing on top of each other for a split second. Please review the video and let me know if you guys can fix this. This happens with other apps as well. Asus team, please fix this soon! Thanks in advance and best regards :) - Branden


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