Echo while initiating a call

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Hey guys I am using Airtel sim and found to have a weird problem.

When I am trying to make an outbound call the call is intiated and instead of listen the dial tone I can listen to my own voice strangely the Mic of the ohone is capturing the sound of surrounding and the reproducing it in the recever speaker.

And also the call screen shows the call is connected and the duration of call however I wint be able to hear the other person on the call instead I would listening to the sounds generated from my surroundings.

Is it a software bug , the network operator problem or is it my phone is only having the problem.

And today while the above mentioned problem occurred when i have my bluetooth headphone connected to phone when I tried switching the call from bluetooth headphone to phone receiver the phone Just restated


  • Did you try to lower the speaker volume ?

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    Restarting the phone while making a call with BT headphones connected has been reported before and it's a bug.

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