[Zenfone 6] [Edit] Audio wizard and outdoor mode doesn't work if work profile is active.

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I am on .110 update and I noticed that my audio wizard and outdoor mode did nothing. I did a factory reset and everything was working fine. After a day or two audio wizard and outdoor mode stopped working again. I did a reset again and same issue. Can someone tell me whats the actual issue with audio wizard?

Edit: After many resets I found out that the audio wizard and outdoor mode were not working because of work profile. I was able to reproduce it 100% of the time. If I disable work profile everything came back to normal.

@Anders_ASUS can you please confirm if this is a bug or a feature? (I was able to reproduce it every time)


  • I've heard this before but I've never managed to get a log from anyone and our devs haven't been able to duplicate the issue. If you're willing to help us with a log. I'd be very grateful.

  • Hi Anders,

    I will follow the below steps.

    1. Start UTSLog Tool
    2. Enable work profile
    3. Switch to outdoor mode
    4. change various audio wizard modes.
    5. Stop UTS and share the log file with you.

    Are these steps sufficient for the logs you need?

  • yashtryashtr Level 1

    Hi Anders,

    I know it's really late, but I would really like to see this get solved. This still not solved as of July 2020 Update. Can you share the steps to generate logs?

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