ROG 2 Game Genie if the mic is on in the game

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If someone encouter this while record or live stream stop working while in the game mic com is On?

I notice game like Mobile Legends, Pubg Mobile, COD etc with mic comm is On record or live stream (Game Genie) stop working. But if the mic is off in the game no problems at all record or live streaming still continue. I tried both options record audio Mic or Internal audio if the mic is on in the game, record or live it will stop.

I always play with my teammates and mic com is on while I live streaming.

Here's what I do:

Launch the game with mic related like those game I mention example Pubg Mobile

Record audio: Mic or Internal (I tried both option)

Start record now or live stream

Then start the game on squad or duo

Then on the mic com on the game

Or Before you start record or live stream

On mic com in the game

And then start record or live stream

Try it

I hope next update this will be fix


Mo Power ASUS!

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