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When I play a game or what ever I do on the internet and someone makes a call the phone turns all network off for some reason. Any idea why or how to bypass it?


  • Can you be a bit more specific ? like does your network drop from 4G to H+ when you make a phone call ? are you talking about why you can't surf the net when making a phone call at the same time ?

  • WiFi or 4g it dont do any change, it's like it cuts off all network, not going to h+ it turns it off like it focus on the call. I have the lastest fw/update.

  • I can't call or get a call and use the web at the same time. I don't know if it's the phone or the network company fault. Can be a setting or something else I don't know. If anyone know ploa tell me.

  • Well in order to make a phone call you need to have network. I don't think your phone loses all network connectivity because you said it focus on the call which to me sounds like what most people are experiencing. It has something to do with VoLTE which stands for Voice over LTE or otherwise known as Voice over 4G network.

    At this point...the ROG Phone 2 does not have that enabled also because not many carriers are supporting the device yet and ASUS has to do extensive testing on their end as well.

    So at this point your phone will switch to H+ when you make a will go back to 4G after the call ends...which means you can't surf the net like you use to while making a phone call at the same time to do some on the spot email checks or on the spot googling.

    So in short this involves both your telco and ASUS. This has been an on-going discussion on many forums.

  • Okey thanks! Hope this will be fixed!

  • yep if you go to the network settings in your phone, you will realized that there is no setting for the VoLTE or 4G call setting available in your device yet. So for now we got to live with this inconvenience, but I too hope that it won't be too long.

  • I can't see settings to enable it for sim 1 but Its a setting to turn it on my sim 2 and I can turn it on.

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    Jetjosh this is all clear, but what if he was on WiFi and gets a call? To me it would be reasonable that WiFi connection stays on.

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    Yep but I am assuming that he is not on Wifi or at a location without wifi access. otherwise he would have stated that as well. Of course if you are on WiFi you should be able to do both.

  • You also lose connection on Wi-Fi when you receive a call? Losing your network is standard, but you shouldn't be losing Wi-Fi as far as I'm aware.

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    I tested the phone trying to surf the web over WiFi while on call. It works fine. Actually I am writing and posting this while on call.

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