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I have problem while changing/updating the contact name in the contacts. It doesn't update/show the name as given in the contacts application, instead it will show the name from the whatsapp directory.

Steps to check the issues,

1. Create and save one Phone number with any two different combination names, like given name with suffix or prefix with family name, mainly the number should have whatsapp account.

2. After the contact has been saved first-time, both the name with contact and whatsapp account has been created and linked together.

3. Try to edit the saved contact.

4. Now update the contact name, try removing suffix and retain given name as it is.

5. You can see the contact has been saved information at bottom but indeed the contact will still be the same as like first time creation/whatsapp name.

6. It doesn't intake the phone name instead retrieve and display the name from WhatsApp account.

7. Now try one more fun, delete all the names, still it shows the whatsapp name. How strange it is. Haha. This is creating lot and lot's of trouble for me. Try fixing it in next update. Waiting for your response.

Thank you in advance,

Alaudeen A


  • I'll send you a PM with instructions on how log your device

  • Any updates ?

    Please check the video for the exact issue.

  • @VS-KR , Sorry buddy this is a bad solution. As my contacts are linked with 4 application such as whatsapp, telegram and 2 service providers. I don't want to go to every application to update the name. If I want to change the contact name, contact application is right place to do it.

    FYI, I'm not changing the whatsapp name or any other application contact name, it is just the name of contact which is created in contact application.

    Thank You.

  • Our devs haven't been able to find out why this is happening to you. The logs didn't tell us what we needed.

    They do have a theory however. They believe it's likely to be related to the Internet. That at the time it couldn't sync correctly with whatsapp.

    Are you still experiencing this issue?

  • Yes still Im facing the issue. I have strong 4G connection and the problem happens everytime when I try to update the name. May it is due to application optimization? But I had disabled for whatsapp. Just wondering how this bug occurs.

  • @Anders_ASUS , any updates in this?

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