No HDR support for Netflix

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Why is no HDR support for Netflix? It only plays movies in HD, but no HDR. HDR are only supported on YouTube.


  • The screen supports HDR10 but Netflix has other requirements for HDR support. I don't know if ZenFone 6 will ever support Netflix HDR. For now, there's no HDR support

  • But my LG 4K Smart TV support HDR10 movies on Netflix. ZenFone 6 and my Smart TV support HDR10. I don't know why ZenFone 6 HDR10 screen isn't supported on Netflix.

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    Yeah, would be nice to have HDR10 for Netflix if it supports it. But my understanding is that the HDR content of Netflix (and every other provider???) is associated only with the 4K streams. Would HDR really even be something they (any provider) transmit if the device/player only supports full HD 1080p? It should be technically possible as you can have HDR with non-4K video, but I didn't think anyone provided it that way.

    Edit - Apparently Netflix specifically authorizes certain phones. There are phones that are 1080p that can do HDR.

    Edit 2 - According to that link, it sounds like in order to actually see HDR, you'd have to have an authorized device AND ALSO connect the device to an HDR tv to get an HDR signal which, if so, seems almost pointless to me as any HDR tv these days is going to have a Netflix app. The link does not suggest that any phone can see HDR on the phone itself unless it is misleading.

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