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I'm having problems with cod mobile. The mouse does not work. Everything works apart the mouse. Have no issues using it with pubg mobile.


  • Did you try middle-mouse clicking? That enables the touch mouse cursor.

  • I mean it work for like 5 seconds then it gets stucked. I don t know why, i repeat in pubg it works perfectly

  • Sorry, I can't reproduce. I played COD for 5 minutes without any issues but it's worth noting that I'm on a beta firmware. So either, this issue only happens to you or it will be fixed with the Android 10 update.

    If you want, we can log your phone and try to find out why but most probably it's unnecessary work. Better to wait for next FOTA and see if it works then.

  • Did you try with the dock, mouse and keyboard? Anyway I have similar issue with the kunai. The mouse gets stucked every 3 seconds meanwhile the right analog on kunai is completely dead. Anyway I think is a fw problem since i don't have any problems on other games.

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