Can we get a more unified dark theme?

KamilKamil Level 2
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

Hey, can we get the more unified black theme? Now we have like gray system background, black background on status bar and notification, gray background in the app drawer and so on. How about add a gray system option and black system option and add some color change options to the buttons on the status bar??


  • Maybe one day but not today. We have a lot of other priorities and most users don't find this important or we would already have done it. Google would have done it. I understand that you want to be able to customize but these requests will never be on top of our list which means that it gets pushed down every time there's a new bug or important feature that will give real value to a lot of users.

  • KamilKamil Level 2
    edited January 2020

    It looks like google done better job color looks almost the same or they are same on setting and quick setting/notification. But yes i agree. Fix Ram management and app killing problem first.?

    Edit: I downgrade to android 9 here we have proper like google android 9 dark theme colors. ?

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