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    I do a clean install yesterday(yea another one xD) up to date android 10.  Today have apps killed again overnight. Yes 6.3 GB will be pretty normal (but it can be better it is too aggressive still ) Problem is that on the second day it impossible to reach 6.3 on asus for me and even if I am getting closer to that zenfon just kill way more apps on day 2 compared to day 1. 

    This is some screen records with ram truth when I am going to sleep vs morning almost all app gets killed and it free only around 700 of ram. 

  • The only thing that could be out of the ordinary is if you can't fill your RAM above 6GB at any point after the second day since I have no problem reaching this limit with my phone.

    As I told you before, All android 10 phones will kill your apps when it's sleeping.

  • I have the 6/128 model and can never seem to get below around 1.1GB free at any given time according to RAM Truth no matter what I do, either opening apps manually or filling it with an app like Memory Fill.

    Battery savings is a discussion for another thread. The problem is that with ram management turned off, it is still impossible to use the ram we payed for. This is behavior that is obviously intended to be left up to the user to control, yet is not functioning.

    I am on the latest update with the Jan security patch.

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    if it stays on 1gb that it's no that bad I have 8 GB and i can't get past 2Gb of free memory on android 10 lats update after a day of use. 


    Anders, another test and another mixed results and very strange one on manual i mean opening apps by hand I can't get lover that 2gb of last free ram but with some app to fill Ram was able to force it to about 70% (about, 1.5GB) of ram usage but it was very temporary and phone clear that in minutes to even it to 2Gb of last free ram. This is still bad because on fresh adnroid day one as you can see in this thread phone easily go under 1,4 GB of free ram even closer to 1gb and behave very different i mean way better less aggressive in multitasking and app killing. 

    this are my screens from manual try to pass that last 2 gb as you can see i get slightly lower than 2 gb and immediately go up to 2 gb.

  • Kamil, what do you want me to say? I've tested ASUS ZenFone 6 with both 6GB and 8GB VS other phone brands with the same sizes and they all behave the same. Your problem is not with our RAM management but Androids RAM management which is managed by Google. I declare this thread closed because there's no reason to discuss it any further.

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