Games downloaded through Armory Crate are crashing on startup

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Maybe you can help? I bought a U.S. ROG Phone 2 three days ago. It's the 1TB, 12GB and started downloading games through the Armory Crate and most of them are crashing right after starting. I really want this phone to be the best phone I've ever had, but I'm having serious second thoughts.

I have called Asus tech support and they said everything looks good. My RAM is never more than 40%.

I use 120hz and X mode when I play.

I do have a lot of customization on my phone, but only through Google Playstore and it all works as designed.

I've been a Samsung Note user since the Note 3, so for me to switch, is a BIG deal. This phone is very promising.

Please help?

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  • Wow? No reply yet? Is this form dead? Or if I'm in the wrong place, could somebody please give me the courtesy of steering me in the right direction? Thank you.

  • So only if you download through armoury crate you have problems? Why don't you download the games with play store?

  • hey thanks for your reply I've actually done both I've gone through the Armory crate and I've gone right through Google play store and some games will crash all the time from the start others play and one in particular that Mario game will crash but then when I restart the game it'll start again I make sure my ram is clear it's never more than 30% I've restarted my phone I do that daily anyway and also I found out that my McAfee widget isn't displaying on the home screen even when I have it turned on so there's definitely some software issues here I just don't know what the conflict is I'm not familiar with Asus I'm familiar with Samsung any help would be appreciated

  • Well... Android is android..

    So which games are you having issues with?

    Most of the times it helps to do a factory reset.

    What I noticed when I came from Samsung is that the play store downloaded a lot of bloatware that was previously preinstalled on my old Samsung. This gave me some issues so make sure you start with a clean slate.

  • Okay yeah that makes sense the game problems are intermittent maybe I'll go from there but I went off this list

    And one of the games at the top of the list is called Ace Force combat that one won't start at all but this list says it will

  • All right good luck. Yeah those games should definitely work.

    So do a factory reset and make sure that Google won't download apps that where previously installed on your note 3 and that should do it.

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    For me there was a conflict between Google Play Games and Armoury Crate. Both apps doing a kind of same thing and interfering between themselves. I deleted Google Play Games and since then everything was fine. I later reinstalled Play Games, because it was required by some games but didn't touch it. It works fine so far.

  • Oh you know what yeah I have that too it was actually transferred over when I got my new phone. I will try deleting that. I was wondering about that thank you very much!

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