Post .110 update review!! Good job, Asus

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Hi, all!

I just finally updated to .110 last night and it it amazing COMPARED to .73 from before. Here's some of the things that I noticed were fixed and more like how it was back in Android 9. Mainly camera related.

1. The mic pics up sound much better now like it used to in Android 9 with Snapchat, Instagram and etc. With .73, there was almost no sound when listening to videos recorded in 3rd party apps because the mic was picking up almost nothing. This confused me and many people because from my experience with Android 9, the Zenfone 6 has an amazing mic. I'm glad that it's back. Hopefully you can make the quality of the audio a little better though for 3rd party apps tho as sometimes it sounds a little distorted compared to audio recorded in main camera app which is perfect. That would be greatly appreciated. ?

2. The main camera. Wow. Back in Android 9, the camera was literally perfect imo. It shot amazing shots and it could do no wrong. There was no delay or lag, and the whole camera UI in general was smooth as butter. .73 destroyed the camera and made it take horrible pictures and made videos extremely choppy. The UI lagged a lot and often it would fail to take a picture. With .110, the camera is I would say 90% ~ 95% back to its original state to how amazing it was back in Android 9. The new zoom feature that can now switch from wide angle lense to main lense is extremely useful and I enjoy. I do notice subtle lags and choppiness here and there when taking pictures *12mp and storing to internal storage* but like I said it is very subtle so hopefully you guys can just fix that with the next update. I also noticed that the portrait mode background blur isn't coming out as good as it was before. I can try to post example pictures later but I think it is something you guys should definitely look into! But overall, the camera is nearly back to how it was in Android 9 and much MUCH better compared to how it used to be with .73 so I am very pleased. Thank you so much ?

Please continue to buff out the small bugs. I will report back stuff if I notice anything else.

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