[Zenfone 6] Notification Led turns off after sometime when connected to non fast charger.

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I would like to know if this is a bug or a fault in my unit. I am on the latest update as of 31 Dec 2019. If I charge my device with a non fast charger say 9 or 15V the notification light turns on for 10 seconds and then turns off although the phone still charges. I have no issues with 18 V fast charger the notification led is on for the entire duration. Can someone confirm if this is a bug?


  • Yep I reported it in another thread. I didn't realize at first that it was only with slower charging because that is all I use and the led worked normally with those chargers on every single previous version of pie and 10 with those chargers.

  • I know this is not a critical issue but still can this be officially reported so they can fix it in future updates?

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    Other than reporting it here, I'm not aware of any other way to "officially" report it. One of the mods has to do that. I think one of them commented about it when I made the other thread (edit - it was @LP_ASUS), but that was before I realized it was only with slow charging. They haven't commented since I added that info. Maybe they will here.

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    One other thing that I've learned since playing around with this more. Yes, the light stays on with quick charging but it also stays on with very slow charging. I can't give exact numbers, but here's what I mean.

    I have a 1.0A charger that, when plugged into the phone, keeps the led active. This charges at about 300-800mA.

    A 2.4mA charger does not keep the led on.

    Fast charging keeps the led on.

    So it seems that if the current is low or high, the light works, but in the "middle" it doesn't. Weird.

  • It's really great you found out the the issue with those details. I really hope this gets reported and resolved.

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