Loveletter to Asus: Let the Zenfone Series be the feature-richest Flagship!

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Hey Asus,

I just want to say thank you for making the Zenfone 6! I love this feature-rich beast of a smartphone. Please make this always your selling point with zenfone 7/8/9...the most feature packed flagship Phone!

Things, that should never change:

- stay with 3 slots (sim1, sim2, microsd)! That's one of your mostly unique sellingpoints!

- battery! Please let it always be this huge! We dont care for thinner phones. zenfone users=powerusers

- hold the 3,5mm and the notification light. Too many other Companys put these things to the grave.

- stay with your close to vanilla android software and put out constant updates.

Things to improve for zf7:

- a bright oled screen

- full volte / vowifi support for all countrys

- all bands should be supported (make only one model worldwide with all bands!)

- try to make it waterproof

- the normal iteration things: better camera, better cpu....


  • Totally agree.

    FM radio is good too

    To be added:

    1. TV out

    2. Re-design SIM slot and SDCARD slot. It seems fragile if you have to change cards often. I like Windows phone Lumia950XL design which has separate SIM/Sd card slots and doesn't have SIM card tray.

  • Please add:

    • USB C DisplayPort Alt Mode
    • USB 3.1
    • IR
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