Zenfone 6 died during charging now doesn't respond, can't turn it on

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I started using the phone a few days ago, everything was completely fine with it, no problems with charging, whatsoever. Now while charging I heard the phone vibrate, I checked it and found it rebooting for no reason, (which was unsuccessful) and then turning off. Since then the phone doesn't respond to any key, charging LEDs are not responding if I try to charge it either, my computer doesn't see the phone, etc. I tried in several power outlets, with a different Asus charger, but to no avail.

Of course there is no costumer center till the 2nd of January because of the holidays.

Can I do anything other than sending it off to the service centre?

Edit: I left the phone for the night, now I can turn it on, but it's always rebooting. Sometimes it makes it to the user interface, sometimes it stops during booting and starts again:(

Thank you in advance!

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    I've bought the zenfone 6 a few days ago in Germany, because I couldn't buy this phone in the Netherlands.

    No problems with installation and I used the phone 2 days.

    The phone was update to Android 10

    When I turned the phone off, I got the same problem.

    No responce of the phone, no charging led, no responce on the pc.

    What can I do? I,ve tried hard reset but the phone doesn't responce at all.

    Will I send the phone back to Germany or can I send it to a service center in the Netherlands?

    I hope that it will be fixed soon.



  • Today, the phone is picked up by DHL and goes his way to ASUS service center in Poland.😉

  • The phone is back and works perfect.

    I don't what they have done.

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