Chrome does not work properly

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Chrome does not work properly. Suffer freezes, or strange functioning. Even to post messages in Zentalk there are problems. Nothing is corrected with a reset.



  • Is it just chrome or phn feels a little stuttery too?

  • I have generally observed it in the use of Google Chrome.

  • If it's just chrome then it's the app thats not optimised

  • I have also observed that by hiding the keyboard or changing applications, Google Chrome works again.

  • Anders_ASUSAnders_ASUS Level 6
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    This is a general issue to Google Chrome. Even on a random PC it can freeze now and then. I've noticed 4 occasions only today where Chrome freezes. This makes me believe it's more likely that the issue lies with zentalk and chrome than with chrome and ZenFone 6 since I spend most of my workday on ZenTalk. I will ask our webmaster if there can be a connection.

  • The apparent freezing of Chrome occurs on several pages randomly, and with different versions of Chrome. That's why I think there may be an error in the Zenfone 6 update.

    Let's wait for the opinion of the Asus webmaster.

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