Restarting again and again after updated to android 10

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My asus 6Z was working well.But after I updated it to android 10.It is restarting itself again and again.

Its really irritating as it interupts everything.If i off my mobile data the phone restarts.If I uninstall any app..It restarts.

I'm regretting now why I updated.what should I do.

I even tried to mail asus india.but i couldn't find any email id.I called but nobody respond.

I don't know what to do.Please help ASAP ?

Also I want to know that...will this update affect hardware of the phone ??


  • Please back up your data if you can, and then factory reset the phone. That should resolve the issue for you.

    If it does not, you will have to get in contact with ASUS India Support and send the device to a repair center.

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