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Hi, i have problem with display wear. I have this phone for 1month and play game every day. I have this problem with other side also. Is this normal? Display is perfectly clean.


  • Most likely it got scratched ?

    IDK I'm just guessing, don't put your phone in your pocket with keys or coins and things of that nature.

  • Give a visit to service centre and have them look it for you, you can claim the warranty if somethings wrong with your screen

  • Of course i dont put my phone into the pocket with these things. These scratches are on the screen where i use my finger when playing CoD. It is like abrasion.

  • Is there a screen protector on your phone ? I can't really tell...you might want to take it off and check the display ?

    Do not have any kind of transparent plastic material held against the screen if you are under the hot sun because that acts like a magnifying glass and it will burn the screen. I am not saying you did but I did that years ago on a Samsung device and yea I burned my screen and it looked something like that.

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    Ok it seems like u used somthing on your thumb while playing game, like powder ( most player do that for better finger swipe in game ) i have seen those mark on s reen only when player use any material on thumb :) and oleophobic coting gets scratched with that .

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    I've driven my ROG 2 really hard the last few months. Like gaming 3-4 hrs a day. My glass is still perfect. So you've definitely used some thing on your finger, like suggested above, a powder or something - or you've scratched the screen and tried to polish it out - but you can't polish Gorilla Glass. You'll end up with the result you have if you tried to polish the screen

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    I also play Asphalt 9 heavily and my glass looks perfect. I had such effect on Note 8 though. And I was not having any powder on my fingers.

  • Looked like your oleophobic layer is wearing off. Thoes liquid screen protector should help there. They're no good at protected screen lol but they will put another layer of oleophobic (wax like) on your screen.

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