My recipient can't hear me when I'm on earphone during a call

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My recipient can't hear me when I'm on earphone during a call on rog 2 phone.. please can anyone suggest me a solution..?!!...


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    Just want to confirm, earphone as in your own pair the are you talking about the earphone as in when you place the phone against your ear ?

    Do a mic test..

    1) go to the calculator app

    2) type .12345+=

    it will bring you to the test menu, It will then prompt you to enable your location setting, just skip it since we are not doing any location testing.

    3) go to single test

    4) find "Mic test"

    there are 4 mics to just test them all one by see if they are all working...

    The reason I am asking you to check the mics for the device is because if you have a earphone that has no mic, the device should be using the onboard mics.

    if they are working fine then you might want to turn your attention to your earphones....does your earphone have a mic? is it working?

    When you plug a earphone with a mic...into your device...your device might switch to the mic that is on your earphone and not the ones on the device itself and if your earphone mic is not working then your recipient may not hear you...

    if that is not the problem then I think guys at ASUS might want to check this see if the mic on the device gets turned off during a call when a earphone is plugged in.

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