Christmas Theme - enough is enough

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I think it's time to turn off this Christmas theme, which is very non-ecological. Why non-ecological? Because on laptop with CPU Core i5, when it only displays these pages, the fan immediately turns on. What is the cause? Falling snowflakes in JavaScript.

Not to mention that the decorations in the corners conceal important active elements on the smaller screens.

Or at least leave the decoration only in the upper left corner and turn off falling snowflakes.


  • Never had the same issue with you but I can say that the page is a bit weird? It does not allow me to scroll up or down properly without refreshing the page sometimes and yes it was after the Christmas theme.

  • Never had the same issue with you

    Happy Man Be Happy :)

    My laptop HP EliteBook 8440p with Windows 7 is very old (2010) so maybe it is the reason, its integrated graphics card just can't handle it. On the other hand, on other sites it does not have a similar problem.

  • The screen being obscured is reason enough! I'm sure this is seasonal only and we'll have it removed soon. The webmasters are AFK at the moment but should be back later in the week.

  • I'm happy now, because at least they turned off the falling snowflakes, so I'm fine and my CPU is idling. Thanks a lot

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