Disable pull down toggles on lockscreen

jferrisjferris Level 1
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Is it possible to disable some of the pulldown toggles on the lockscreen? It seems like a huge flaw allowing the phone to be put into airplane mode, for example, from the lockscreen.


  • As an alternative :

    Select the option that hides sensitive notifications or disable notifications on the lockscreen.

  • @jferris meant easily accessible Quick Settings toggles.

  • I know, but with this method, the quick setting panel is inaccessible unless you enter your password.

  • Unfortunately that doesn't work for me. Did you test it?

  • My bad, it's partially working, the pull down from the middle of the screen is disabled but not the one from the top :/

  • sabino.calosabino.calo Level 1
    edited February 2020

    I think there is no need to completely disable the toggles but only those that could reduce security such as those that disable network connections.

    Would be useful to avoid turn off the device when locked also.

    It would allow more time to use "find my phone".

    On Samsung and Apple this already happens.

  • VS-KRVS-KR Level 4

    Well, I up this thread because I noticed that mobile data toggle requires your patern/code unlike wifi and airplane mode ...

    This makes the phone kind of vulnerable

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