Completely black out for my rog2. Cant turn on nor charge

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A sudden death happened to my rog phone2.

Now the phone is completely down, cant even turn on. I tried to press the power plus volume button. But no response.

No logo or indication when plugged in charger. Tried on both charging ports.

The batt was about 50% before this happened Seem like the phone is completely dead. Anyone facing the same issue before?



  • I'm sorry to hear that. As a last resort, you can try another cable to see if it might be a cable failure.

    But most likely, this is some kind of hardware failure and you will need to contact an ASUS service center for a warranty repair.

  • Did you hold the power and volume down button in for a good 5-10 seconds? I have also experienced what seems to be the same thing. The phone's display at certain times stops working, and will not turn on but I know that the phone itself still operates as I can feel haptic feedback on the display even though I can't see anything. A soft reset using the two buttons always restarts the phone and then it's fine until the next time. Wonder if you have the same issue?

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    I have tried to restart in that way. But no chance, no screen nor vibration

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    Yup seem like no choice but to send it to the service center.

  • Can you tell us what type of phone you had? Was it the international version 512gb?

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  • Ok, I had a similar issue with the rog phone 1, I had to send it using the warranty scheme, definitely make sure you do this.

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    Guys latest update.

    My phone is back while i was trying to charge this morning. Was about to send it to service center and just thinking to have a last try(charging) . Once i plugged in the cable, the red led start to blink and charging logo popped out after few seconds. It charged from zero percent.

    The phone restricted me to power up by showing low battery and only managed to turned on after 3% charged. After this, everything works normally

    I have no idea what has happened to my phone before this.

    Btw, below are the timeline for this case

    Day1 the phone dead (no screen, led or vibration) by itself with battery still remained 50+%. Tried every measured including double button restart.

    Day2 still trying the same measures but no chance. The phone remained blanked with /without cable plugged.

    Day3 as described above. I yet to know the root cause. Maybe the system somehow reset itself with the absense of batt power. The batt seems like fully drained as it started charging from 0% this morning. But how come the batt drained this fast as it was 50% before this and the phone was completely off (dead) for just 2 days?

  • Good it got back. But still I suggest you to visit service center and explain them the whole thing. I feel what happened is unusual. Usually phones randomly shutdown and turn on when force turned on. But you had nothing worked. So better get it checked.

  • Yea just like what kchinnavigneshraja said, you might want to let the technical staff have a look at it. Just monitor your device for a few more days before you bring it in. Screen going black without a low battery warning is you did not get any indication of charge when you plugged in the cable the first time.

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    Yup thanks for the suggestion.

    I'll do so when I m free.

    Btw, up to now, the battery and phone performance are working fine as before. Hope this problem wont show up again and ll keep my device backed up.

  • Hi,

    I'm facing the same exact issue as you mentioned. How did you get it resolved? Did you take your device to the service center?

    P.S. As you mentioned in your update, I'm able to switch it on now and everything works fine. What should I do?

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    My phone won't charge unless I restart it and if I take the cable of the phone and plug it back in, it won't charge again, so i need to restart it again.. Can anyone please help me how to fi fix this

  • i've faced the same issue after a few days i bought this phone. it happened when i was connecting the kunai gamepad via the bumper, the phone went off completely. i tried to turn it on by holding power button didn't work, tried to hard reset by holding power+volume up/down but still the same, connect charging cable but no use. i was thinking of go to the service center but after 10 minutes, my phone was back and worked fine

  • What an extremely bizarre issue. This happened to me twice before as well and hasn't happened since. I am unable to replicate the issue.

  • same problem here. totally black out cannot turn on or force restart won't work before 50% percent battery.

    i try 1 all night charging while sleep until this morning wake up still cannot work. cannot turn on.

    so i need to wait battery totally drain to 0% and recharge it. question is how should be i know when battery become 0% ? 1day ? 2 days ? 6000mAh damn it !

    PS : i feel phone a little bit warm temperature even cannot turn on.

  • Ladies and gents. If u dropped this phone or something dropped on it. This might trigger reset to protect itself from further damage.

    My not 9 dropped on my rog phone from 5 inches high. Paid no attention since i was so sleepy. The next morning i wanted to use my rog. No charging indicator, tried turning it on. Tried holding power button. Nothing. Then came here read some comments. Tried volume and power button press and hold for 5-10 secs two times. Came back on as if it was turned off from a reset. It took me back to hom page and its fully charge 100%. Dropping it or something dropping on it. No matter how hard it may be. It will reset it.

    When it overheats or reaching heat limit it will black out the screen. Or shut the game down let it cool down. Or get a controller with built in fan. Inconvenient but does the trick.

    Dear Asus admins, please look into improving this device. We love this device to play games with. But please fix this.

  • Lucky for you can turn it on back.

    for my phone is new and never drop never crash never damage just like a new phone can sell a good price. but it suddenly i watch news google chrome can hang up shut down itself and never turn on every way i try. damn it android

  • My asus rog phone 2 also same night it was 50 percent morning it comes to 5 so I charged to 100% and afterwards it completely dead no charging nothing I am afraid what to do please help

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    I have only used my ROG 2 for two months and my ROG 2 has died, it cannot turn on again ... I have tried everything but it cannot turn back on ... finally I brought it to the Asus Service Center because it is still under warranty ... I brought it on the 6th April 2020, until now has not been finished repaired ...

    this is the first cellphone I have used for only two months and it has suddenly died ...

    is the quality so bad?

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