Give some useful updates please don't make things worse

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I waited for one month for some update now 3 days before i received .110 update which i was eager as you guys have fixed major problems but it was not that much useful. we asked for major fixes but what we got is an integrated zoom and settings to change power button style and some boot animation. Cmon asus we asked for major camera changes, customization and fix for bugs. Now my phone is also freezing like hell why are you doing this I don't get it. Please bring some useful updates.i also factory rested my phone because this is the only phone where we have to factory reset everytime after an update?.i am an asus fan i fight with my friends who are having oneplus but even i am slowly getting irritated.

Android 10 update is not a problem after that you guys have to fix all the issue as soon as possible.

1. Accent color

2. Smart key not working

3. After clicking shutter button it really takes 3 seconds to capture

4. Game genie still not working

5. Fingerprint sensor taking some time to unlock sometimes after turning on the phone only it works

6.Even in some games also it is lagging now.

7. Sometimes it is hanging for nothing can you believe this in an 855 model.

This phone is also losing the leaderboard in benchmarks.

Software updates are the only reasons asus is still lagging to come out among the crowd.

Please give useful updates.@Anders_ASUS @lp5566vs183 @lp5566vs183


  • Guys see this. Worst i have seen in any phone with snapdragon 855. this is like some $100 i am regretting to be a asus fan.

  • That's Chrome's bug there's nothing that deals with asus's hardware. Even I have faced this issue previously in 3 different phones. So no need to worry about that.????

    Never lose hope, be a fan of Asus ??

  • But guys you all have to admit that they always lack while it comes to updates. did you guys fully 100% percent satisfied with all their updates i am not making any false notation it is the reality.?

  • Also i am one of the unlucky ones who had the motherboard issue after that also i somehow digested the pain but still i am not able to get the full happiness of buying this phone i hope one day it will happen?

  • I don't know about you but I've never been fully 100% satisfied with any stock rom from any manufacturer, each one has some issue whether it's that it's bloated, or it kills apps in the background, or it's just an ugly mess and more, zenui is the first stock rom that I've used that I'm about 90% satisfied with, the only things missing are volte and the accent colors. When compared to other Android skins I think Asus has done a great job with zenui, nothing is perfect though, as for your bugs I would recommend installing the full update from the Asus website instead of the incremental fota update, the mods said it can fix some issues, I did that with the .110 update and since then I haven't had any of the issues that you mentioned, I hope it helps you too

  • After .110 update my device is also getting stuck between apps now and then and the only solution is to restart the phone. I have not expected this from a flagship device that too after just 3 months of usage!

  • The lags are an issue and yes there are noticable frame drops in games that shouldn't happen at all. Restarting device does the job for a day or two but we have to restart again to feel the smoothness and frankly it's irritating

  • Even i did the factory reset and the ohone was fine for some time but the stutters and laggyness is back

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    I'm currently on .73 Android Q, can you guide me how to flash full .110 file?

    Also when I go to download section to download .110 file, it says that the file is only to upgrade from .194 Android P.

  • yes facing the same issue as monark said.. ui issues... mobiles gets freezed while multitasking.. C'mon its an flagship mobile... we dont want any new additional features..Please inform your developers to work on features that we have already to make it a stable one. @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS @asus

  • My phone works without any lags, and very less bugs comparing it to OnePlus phone. With OnePlus 5, Bluetooth internet sharing doesn't work and also it isn't able to connect to the hidden WiFi, and they don't respond. Also it lacks SD card support, no FM radio, no Ethernet support. I am happy with Zenfone 6 except no volte/vowifi.

  • Good for you but this thread is for people like us facing the issue....many people may not be facing the issue but many are

  • download and flash manually.. its fine no issues...

  • I'm asking how to update manually.

    I've downloaded .110 file but when I go to recovery only option there is to install from SD card and I dont have an SD card.

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    What you need to do is, copy the downloaded file in internal storage and restart your device. You will see a notification saying that you have got an update

  • Thanks a lot, was searching everywhere for this simple solution.

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