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I am glad that I joined ROG family this month. The feeling is good. Recently I am trying on the streaming & recording features in the phone. While streaming on Youtube or Twitch, it only lasted for 5 mins, then it cuts off with a message indicating memory is not enough. It happens all the times now.

I did some game recordings. When I try to transfer the video files to other devices, like PC or another smartphone, the copy of files is incomplete. Example, the file size is 1.6GB however only 1.5GB is transferred, hence the video is unable to play in another device. I do not know what is the reason, has anyone face the same problem here?


  • This the first I have heard of something like this.

    You have had file transfer failures on multiple other devices? This phone should not be running out of memory, it has more than most laptops.

    Do you have a Tencent edition phone? Does it say Tencent on the back?

    What firmware version are you running?

  • Hi, thanks for replying.

    Mine is Malaysia version set, not the Tencent edition. 512GB ROM & 12GB ram.

    Yes, I am shocked too as it does not transfer the file completely. I tried several times, it shows me the same result. Thus I try to post here to see if there is any similar case like mine. Currently I am in the office, i shall post the screenshot when I got home later.

    For the running out of memory scenario, it happens only when I try to streaming on Youtube or Twitch.

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    This is the screenshot when I connect ROG to desktop to view the file. Look at the file size for "2019-12-21-18-43-39", 1.54GB.

    This is the screenshot from ROG phone. The file size for all videos is different than what I view in desktop.

    When i transfer the file to my desktop, it only copy the 1.54GB and the video cannot be played. Is the ROG restrict any other device to copy the files or it has some barrier to prevent it being copied?

    Has anyone face the same problem as mine?

    BTW, Merry X'mas to all.

  • I'd like to log your phone to see what's going on here, this is really strange. I'll send you a PM.

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