Accent color and game Genie, Call screen Please help

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Currently on Android 10 .73

1.Accent color still not working in developers options,I am still eagerly waiting for it, please bring it on and with more color options please

2.While in a game like Pubg or Cod when i tap on game Genie account from navigation bar and click memory cleaner It doesn't show nothing, Nothing, (not experienced in A9 pie) and when I tap it from notification bar while not in game it's show only 'system optimised' not the animation like it did in A9

3. While in call screen, let the user have the option to change the wallpaper of the call screen Please pass it on to software dev, I would really like to see this

4. The notification bar background colour is pitch black, Great, but call log SMS app and settings app etc are in dark grey colour not cool, please make that also pitch black as notification bar, coz it looks good and feels like AMOLED.

Minor changes but matters alot




Hope consider my feedbacks

@lp5566vs183 @andemo @lp5566vs183Thank you


    1. This feature might come one day but it's harder to implement than most people think. We need to go through our entire code and there are more important things than to do this right now. I hope you can understand?
    2. This issue will happen when you have your phone in "do not disturb mode" and it will be fixed
    3. I don't think we will bring this option back. I don't remember the reason behind this decision but I'll make a note that you want it.
    4. this is standard android and not something we want to change
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    4. We the customers/users/ppl who pay you for the devices want you to change that. Give us an option to choose between pitch black and grey at lest o.O. 

  • Yes..pitch black would be nice..

  • Thanks for the reply brother,

    Pls pass on accent color feature to devs

    I don't keep DND anytime, thing is it doesn't show any animations okay fine but in background doesn't it really clears RAM or boosting something like that for games

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