How to find my zenfone 6 version(whether it is A, B or C)?

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Can somebody say how to find the phone version cause next year i am going to USA I don't know whether my phone support the network carriers there like T-mobile and AT&T. When i searched i found out that the C version only support completely other may or may not work. Can somebody answer this@Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS @lp5566vs183 @LP_ASUS

I brought my phone via flipkart India.


  • Most likely you have a B Version. That Version is mostly compatible with US networks.

    To be completely sure contact either Flipkart's specifications page for the phone you bought, or ASUS India Support with your phone's serial number. They will know exactly what band's you have access to, and then you can compare that to to T-Mobile or AT&T's coverage.

  • Thanks for the reply?

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