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When are you guys planning for an Android 10 stable update for rog phone 2 , this is my first rog Device and I'm really happy with it . I would love to use android 10 please Asus help us not to lag behind in software , we are already ahead in almost everything as we have a future phone with us , it is a humble request please get an update for android 10 as soon as possible . HAPPY ROG 2 USER


  • I think will release rom, maybe january

  • Android 10 Beta is currently about to be released to testers so be patient. Last update we got is they are fixing some critical bugs before Beta release.

  • I would prefer it to get delayed rather than an unfinished product. There are so many issues reported with airtriggers, keymapping, kunai gamepad etc. that I believe developers should focus on smoothening those out first. I am sure a new android version will come with its own set of issues initially.

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