Ear phone or mic issue

Ashwin SunderAshwin Sunder Level 1
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My phone calls are mostly very inaudible either to me or to the person i call.

Having very disturbed voice calls.


  • Did this issue just start? What firmware version are you on? What carrier are you using? Does the call sound OK on speakerphone or with a headset?

  • sathishinsat2sathishinsat2 Level 2
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    In my case, the issue with mic volume. Other side person cant hear me clearly.

    Seems, Issue us happening only for phone calls. However, sound recorder is working fine. Do we have option to increase mic volume for normal phone calls?

  • I use Vodafone And no I haven't tried the ear phone and speaker things so far.

  • @LP_ASUS I'm also facing the mic issue while taking in speaker mode. Other side person is not able to hear me properly. The problem is only on speaker call.

  • For me, mic volume is less for both normal and loud speaker call.

  • @LP_ASUS , Could you forward this to devs to increase mic volume.thanks

  • I'll pass this along, but I really need more information guys.

    For everyone with this issue, please make sure to have shared this info:

    1) When did this issue start? With a new update, or from the beginning? What firmware are you on?

    2) What carrier are you using?

    3) Does this happen when you make AND receive calls? Does this happen on 3rd party apps like Line, whatsapp?

    4) Is this present on speaker or the standard receiver?

    So far, this is what I have:

    @Ashwin Sunder

    Cannot hear caller, caller cannot hear me, 1910.64, Vodafone


    Caller cannot hear me with speaker mode on


    Caller cannot hear me, both normal receiver and speakerphone are affected

    This doesn't sound like a volume issue, there is something else going on if your Voice recordings sound normal. The more complete information you can provide the faster our team can find the root of the issue.

  • 1) Pretty much from the beginning. Maybe after a month from when i started using the phone. Wasn't a botheration then, but keeps happening a little often nowadays.

    2) Vodafone India

    3) When i make and receive calls, yes. Whatsapp has been alright though i rarely use whatsapp or any 3rd party calls.

    4) Standard receiver

    - Please note that my second sim also seems to be switched off most of the time.

  • Caller on receiving end complains low sound. So I have to speak more louder than normal. I tested with sound recorder and it seems to be fine. So i guess, mic volume is low only during normal phone calls.

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