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 Why the photos of my asus 6z are blurred when explores, please someone suggest me settings for proper working this device camera.


  • It's quite difficult to help you based on the information so far, could you elaborate more?

    When are they blurry?

    How are they blurry? In the "live preview" or after taking the picture?

    Which are the modes and settings you are using?

    What is the scene you are trying to take the picture like , daylight/night/sunset/indoors/movements/etc?

    You may also try to reset your camera settings from within the camera->settings icon (top left)-> Restore to default.

  • I m also facing same issue... And i m giving u snap shots so that u can understand my issue...

    This the 1st image

    When I zoom this at 1st

    When I m again zooming it...

    I just want to know why the pic get blurred when this device having 48mp camera... U can see... Please give me solution

  • I m also sharing my camera setting ss with u... So that u can suggest me how to rectify this..

  • Try to install Gcam ports. Its hard to find one that fits well, but its totally worth. Native Camera software is just horrible (as usual).

    For example, look at this two pics. First one is Gcam, look at every bery visible on rowan tree, and license plate on car:

    And now look at stock software photo! Wargh, it is just a mess! (both nightmodes for sure!):

    At least, try to set 12mp mode as default. It should be better because pixel binning. 48mp doesnt affected by and postprocessing, so at lowlight scenes (even cloudy weather) it worse.

  • Even if you pick 48mp, you can't expect DSLR quality when zooming in a lot. It also looks like it's not super bright and in these cases you will have a longer shutter time with 48mp than 12mp giving less focus/sharpness.

    I always recommend to take a 12mp shot first and then another 48mp shot if you have the time. Sometimes in good conditions 48mp can give a really impressive result but for most cases, 12mp is the best option.

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