Rog Phone 2 restarts automatically when call ends (More than 20 mins)



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    Sorry about the late reply. I'm on Christmas holiday so my reply time is a lot slower than usual. I just forwarded your log and hope that they will find the cause. We have a similar issue with ZenFone 6. They might be connected. Maybe this happens with specific regions and carriers in India. We're still collecting info to find the root cause and when we have, we will fix it. Don't worry.

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    Thank you @Anders_ASUS for the assurance. If the local support team (Contact center and Service center) would have given similar assurance or shown accountability then I might have not felt the way I do now. But I am looking forward for you guys to come up with a solution at the earliest.

    After some more investigation this is what I have found which might help-

    1. Phone has to be in Loud mode. If in vibrate or silent then no issues.

    2. Bluetooth needs to be connected to bluetooth headset. If used phone earpiece or speaker then no problem. I have used 3 different brands headset just to make sure that its not the headset. 

    3. Phone screen should be locked and the other party needs to hang up the call and not me.

    4. The balance message normally comes instantly after hanging up the call and that's when it happens, if there is a delay in the message coming in due to network issues or outage then no problem. But more than 90% of the time it comes instantly anyways.

    5. I have used 2 other SIM cards of the same provider (Reliance Jio India) from my colleagues and the issue remains. 

    I have tried to recreate the issue with other carrier but their messages do not cause the issue. What i have noticed is that Reliance Jio India sends the message as a "Class 0 Message" but the other carrier messages do not come the same way. Just so you know Reliance Jio is the fourth largest carrier in the world with over 355.17 million subscribers in India (Source) . So you can imagine the amount of people might be affected by this issue.

  • @Kashyap If they deny a replacement for this, then it would be a shame. I heard Asus are sending ROG 2 to developers for custom development. Look into XDA forums if any ROM bring up is done and try switching to that ROM and see if the same problem occurs. That way u can find out whether it's a h/w issue or an OS issue. And my advice to you is next time spend 38k on a brand like OnePlus or Xiaomi (Xiaomi don't have a phone worth 38k as of now).

  • The India Support team of Asus is really pathetic. They are not bothered what the customer's are going through. Even promised call backs are not made. So overall totally disappointed.

    I do not want to change the ROM right now as the moment I do something like that with the phone Asus will just deny any sort of support. So for now I am keeping the stock ROM.

  • I have already asked for refund too as a second option if replacement is not possible. I have even given them an option to give me the refund in gift card if they cant process online transfer or cash refund and I could use the gift card to purchase another ROG. But they dont have that option it seems. So for now I am fighting for a replacement

  • Turn off volte. For me i had a same issue. Now after turning off volte i am no longer facing the issue.

  • Can you make calls using Jio when VOLTE is off? I can not. As far as I know Jio works solely on VOLTE technology so if I turn off VOLTE I can not make any calls. I can only use data service when VOLTE is off.

  • Exactly perfectly same issue with me also. Asus please go through it and solve it by software update or if not solved with upate. Please give replacement.

  • We've investigating this issue and need to collect more logs to find the root cause. It really sounds like software issue so don't worry. It's very likely that we will solve this

  • I am facing the same problem. It automatically restarts when the call is disconnected from the other side when connected to bluetooth and sometimes even without a call just by connecting to bluetooth headsets.

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  • Thanks to all of you, we have finally identified the issue. I don't know when there will be a fix but the short term solution is to make sure you have set the Ringtone & Notifications volume to 3 out of 7. We're sorry about the inconvenience but with this solution you will at least be able to use your BT headset

  • I have tried the workaround and it works fine when the volume is kept at 3 out of 7. However, it is close to impossible to hear the tone outdoor if any call or message comes. Hopefully we will get the fix in the next update.

    Also just wanted to let everyone know that since the local support team could not figure out the issue or fix, on my request they replaced my unit with a brand new one (As few users reported not facing the issue including the "Regional Support Lead of Asus india" with same setup). But even on the new phone I have the exact issue. At least this one restarts unlike the old one after service center visit just shuts down. So for now I am using the Microsoft SMS organizer and stopped the carrier balance notification which making the phone usable at the moment.

  • I have been given a brand new replacement unit which is manufactured in Dec/2019 (Previous one was Sep/2019). But it has the exact same issue. For now hoping for Asus to release a fix in the next update.

  • I too facing the same issue with my Asus Rog Phone 2, I have reached to Asus authorised service centre. They replaced the motherboard. But still the issue is not fixed. Yesterday I was using the mobile normally , It went to reboot. Not sure what's the problem with the device.

    Really it is annoying 😡 to use this mobile.

    I'm feeling regret about this device.

    Asus claims that ROG Phone 2 is a Premium Device but it is not upto the mark. One Plus is doing good in the same price range.

    I still have a hope on the Asus, it has a good reputation in the market.

    If you fix this issue it would be a good turning point to your brand.

    I'm eagerly waiting for your reply and fixes of this issue.

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    As a work around you can disable the default SMS app and download Microsoft SMS organizer from the Playstore. Using MS SMS organizer you can disable Push Notifications under settings which will stop the Carrier balance to show after every call. This way the phone wont turn off or restart. So far this is what I have done and the phone has no issues.

    I am still on Android 9 and have not upgraded to Android 10. I am not sure if the issue exist with 10. Hopefully Asus has fixed it in A10.

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