Why Asus 5z in not in the category. Battery drain problem after android 10 update

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I'm using Asus 5z from last 1 year was not facing any issues but after updating it to android 10 the battery start draining much faster then before, it's getting worst at this department. Battery is draining to fast compare to when it was running on Android 9.


  • What if no one replies there where are we suppose to GO? even my 4 threads from the day of android 10 updates are still pending to be replied by mods no one replies us india forum is juz waste no one cares there and global forum our posts are transfered to indian forum by mods so now u tell where should we go n also yes that is reason we as a flagship owners we wnt 5Z discussion sections on this new forum as here mods are more active n seems really caring ?

  • The previous forum was owned by ZenCare, and the mod of the new forum is a different department. blake_ASUS is the moderator of 5Z in India. According to the previous reply from Kris_ASUS, ZenCare is more familiar with the operation of the previous old models. The new forum is mainly based on ZenFone 6 (6Z) and later phones.

  • Taiwan's 5Z Forum Moderator's response to 5Z Battery drain problem:

    If you are experiencing power consumption, please confirm the following first Please confirm under what conditions does power consumption occur?

    Do you feel power consumption during use or standby power consumption? If you feel power consumption during use Please provide screenshots of advanced battery power information & screenshots of application power consumption for moderators' reference (Settings> Battery> Click the battery icon)

    If it consumes power in standby, please charge the battery to 100% before going to bed at night After filling, continue to charge for about 30 minutes, and then stand by (8 hours) After that, please provide screenshots of advanced battery power information & screenshots of application power consumption for moderators' reference (Settings> Battery> Click the battery icon)

    Before standby, please clear the app in the multi-function key (function key at the bottom right of the screen), and restart the phone.

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused

  • First off all thanksalot for your response to my comment i appreciate it now tell me what will u say about android system battery consumption? I used my device continually after full charge only for gaming and u can check screenshot nothing else i did from 100-4 %

    Android system seems so hungry for battery nd also after calculating overall percentage it doesn't make total 96% of use if we minus 4% from 100 u can see that in screenshot

    N m damn sure android 10 needs lot of optimisations but asus was in hurry to release it comparing other brands nd thay released beta version due to which we users have to suffeerr now

    Nd not only battery also there are lot more issues yet to be fixed i wish mods notice all 5Z users watever the forum is as a user we have nothing to do with watever is asus doing but we juz need solutions from OEMS to our problems ?

    As user since first gen zenfone 5 never faced such ignorance from asus on forums nor ny other complain from asus but now after rog arrivals asus is bit forgetting old users by juzz giving attention to new users or models thats partiallity n sad ? i got every generation zenfone at my home apart from zenfone 6 n ROG @CH_ASUS @LP_ASUS

  • If the moderators of the India issue response area do not respond to the question, you can try to respond to the Taiwan version. You may be asked to help record the log file to clarify the problem. https://www.asus.com/zentalk/tw/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=335

  • Battery drain issue aftr Android 10 is horrible whil using d devic...

    standby is gud though..

    kindly fix

  • yes its an Android 10 problem on part of google. Almost all devices running A10 suffer massive Battery drain. Unless google fix it asus can do very less about this

  • Dear all,

    Just for clarification, India forum is owned by local supporting team.

    " ARP_ASUS" is the real Moderator of India Zentalk.

    Thank you.

  • Sadly i never saw him replying on most posts in Indian forum. it will be helpful is he is more active

  • I read some discussions at the 5Z Forum in India. I agree with you. Who is the 5Z moderator is not the point, the point is whether to respond to the problem and provide a solution.

  • If no any solution to users then why to keep 5Z to old forum we would love if we get some space on this new forum as support here is so good by moderators many users have lots of issues on 5z but we feel like we are purposefully not replied by mods coz we are old flagship owners we would appreciate alot to start new discussion section of 5Z here even 5Z is gr8 device comparing 6 n rog juz support from asus is all we want dont ignore gr8 hardware i hope someone from asus listen US n our request ??

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    in pie i was getting 1hr15mins of SOT in 100 to 90% of battery drain.... and now after A10, i m getting only 40mins of SOT, really really bad optimization.

  • Exactly, most Indian users are left without any solution or problem redressal. SOme who know a workaround are providing solutions which may or may not work in all situations. A proper source (Active Moderator) is must

  • This is a Android 10 issue on part of Google. All phones running Android 10 including pixel has bad battery backup. SO Asus cannot do anything unless Google fixes it.

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