Game Genie problem after Android 10 update on Asus Zenfone 5z

ThunderhopThunderhop Level 1
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So game genie is really important to me as I use it to make videos for YouTube/Reddit etc. A major problem I have is that when recording the timer is in the way on screen. It blocks many buttons in loads of games including COD Mobile, Pubg Mobile, etc. It also blocks visuals and in game notifications in some games no matter where you put the icon. I do like that the indicator is not shown after recording but it blocks the screen while recording and makes recording impossible for many games (100% of the ones I want to record). I am hoping that it would be possible to have the recorder be stopped purely from the notification panel in an update which would get the timer out of the way. Many other top recording apps can do this such as DU screen recorder or Mobizen to name a couple. This makes the recording much better as you can fully focus on what you are doing. I'm not able to screenshot this issue as the timer is hidden in screenshots.

The model phone I am using is ZS620KL.

Hopefully this can be resolved with an update to game genie because otherwise I'm going to have to get a different smartphone :(


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