3rd party camera overexposure issue with PROOF - Android 10

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Hi all.

I was recently filming myself on Snapchat for a tiktok *cause that's what all American teens do these days* and since I noticed that the overexposure was absolutely crazy like it always is after Android 10 update, I thought it would be a great opportunity to show you guys what I mean.

And for those who may not believe I filmed the video with a Zenfone 6, I took a picture of me holding it in a mirror so you can see that I indeed do have a Zenfone 6.

Please let me know what you guys think and Asus, please fix this issue asap. People are constantly making fun of my cameras exposure and it kinda sucks because the camera was one of the main reasons I bought this phone ? - Best regards, Branden.

P.s. all of these were filmed and shot with the latest Android 10 update from Asus. And please don't tell me to factory reset. I shouldn't have to factory reset and have to go through the hassle of setting up my phone all over again because of an update. I know you you guys have a camera thread, but my comment about this issue wasn't being approved so I decided to make another discussion. I love Asus and I hope these issues can be resolved soon. Again, kindest regards :)




  • Hi

    I am not sure what you mean when you refer to that your "comment was not approved"? I dont think we've rejected anyone's opinion in the camera thread(s) - we can only reply with what we know however.

    As for 3rd party apps and exposure.. we need to understand more about how the process is when 3rd party apps call the camera. If there are any fundamental changes in Android 9 vs Android 10 that causes this - and whether or not the fix/adjustment should be done at the app-side or if Asus can do anything. I dont think the resolution of this is as easy as "Asus actively made it worse please just undo it".

  • Looking at the video, I could see that the last clip had highlight clipping but this could very well be because the TikTok? (or snap) camera is trying to expose your face and that there is a big brightness gap in the scene.

    Whether or not this is different in Android 10 vs Android 9 on ZenFone 6, I cannot really say at this point, we can try a bit.

  • Thanks for the reply! As for the video and picture, I have not edited anything. It was recorded and taken on Snapchat originally and the Snapchat camera does not try to focus on your face unless you are using a filter. The exposure levels have increased dramatically ever since Android 10. Whether you guys changed the camera a bit or not, "something" must have changed the camera performance because there are countless people complaining about the camera quality and exposure problem so I know that I am not the only one. I understand people complained about the Android 9 camera as well so you guys probably feel like people are gonna hate either way. Well, the majority of people want the Android 9 camera back and not the Android 10 one so could you guys maybe do that? Best regards - Branden

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    There's no such thing as "ASUS Android 9 camera" .. even less so concerning apps that are not Asus Camera.

    I mean,.. reverting the entire system back to Android 9 is the only general way to go about it - we dont control all (or most?) aspects of how camera is being integrated with 3rd party apps in Android.

    Trying on Snapchat for a bit, with Q and with P-189 version, I can't really come to any conclusion - except that I see highlight clipping on both - or none of both either, depending on scene - they are very much similar in that sense.

    TikTok there seems to be some difference in how it manages video but can't really pin it to anything yet - as it seems to vary between scenes too.

    There is a new update rolling out for ZenFone 6, you may try that one and see if it changes anything.

  • Do you think it's all about android 10 ?

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