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After update I had a lot of problems with performance issues so I did the factory reset. Now performance is ok but I have problems with battery. Before update battery lasted minimum 2 days and was charging about 30 minutes. Now it is charging hours and then when I pull the plug the battery lasts 1 day at most. Usually it is about 14 hours (8-22)... Does anyone know what to do?


  • Did you check in Settings / Battery what consumes most?

  • Actually same thing as everytime. In my opinion it is software/hardware problem. Before update i use the phone more, played games etc. and battery was ok. Now even blocked battery drains fast. at 7:00 it was 100%, I'm in work so the phone is next to me, but I'm not using it. Now the battery is 65%... it'n not even funny...

  • I know that you did factory reset, but anyway try these easy steps as a last resort before checking HW.

    Clear cache to all apps. Settings / Advanced / Mobile Manager / Scan cache / Clean.

    Restart in Safe mode. Open by long push of power button Power menu / long touch Power off.

    Restart again.

    Then allow the battery to settle for at least one day and one full charge cycle.

  • Hmm it seems very similar that it was before (before safe restart)

    But I saw another thing. I have no apps opened and free RAM is 3,2/5,8. Maybe this is the problem?

  • After update new version battery drain quickly

  • What update version do you mean?

    I have no battery problems with WW_17.1810.1910.73.

  • Latest version sir and phone hangs a lot sir

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    Please note that your latest version may not mean the same latest version for others, because of staged roll out, different regions, ...

    So what version do you have?

    and phone hangs a lot sir

    Even after factory reset?

  • The battery from 0 to 100% was never only 30min - not in any firmware version.

    From 0 to 100% the time is well over 1hr. Closer to 2hrs, for the full amount.

    The first 50-60% are quicker ofc.

    Battery drain issue generally are due to apps running haywire, for many different reasons. I have noticed myself TikTok for example is behaving really badly and draining battery even in background.

    If you try charge phone fully (to clear the app list in battery page) before you sleep, and just leave it over night, in the morning, check what has been going on (if system reports anything) and how much overnight drain.

    You may also try a second night to place it in flight mode, after charging 100%, and see the drain without networks on - overnight.

  • What I will try is i think another factory reset, and without instalation any app. Then one day one app to see if any of them drains the bat.. but like i said. I had more apps on A9 than A10 and the battery drains more quickly.

  • BTW The number of installed applications on Android (not only user apps but even system apps) is irrelevant to battery consumption, the quality of those applications is important so that nothing runs unnecessarily in the background if it does not and so on.

    I just looked at how many I have installed user apps, 174 in total, and I have no battery problems.

  • After updating to 10 I have battery issues.. above the fingerprint heats up...and battery draning very fast..... I really don't know what to do even we have given 28000rs.....

  • It can be apps like Google Photos, Camera (causing google photos sync after taking a photo), TikTok, WhatsApp, Google Play Services, there can be many reasons.

    If you read this thread, you may have some answers - on how to help debug this.


  • I also have the same issue without any sync.

    My phone battery at 1700 was 30%. I turned off 4g and slept.

    When I woke up at 0000 I found the battery to be 15%.

    Bluetooth, wifi etc were turned off.

  • Please post your battery log page if possible?

    Also 4G off, but was WIFI on?

  • As for me, i was experiencing this before and planning to do a factory reset to fix it, but i tried with managing some of my auto-start apps in battery settings first, and now i think i have solved my battery (and also a little heat) issues, testing it on a dinner party last night with bunch of camera activities and it only used 20% or more for around 4-5 hours.

  • WIth updates.. esp major android versions, all sorts of unexpected things can happen - many due to user-space data can be corrupted.. and some caused by apps not properly updated for the new version as well.

    And ofc some caused by the vendor.. as such it is really difficult with a sweeping "fix" that will solve everything for everyone - but a factory reset - or a reset of all preferences and app data, is generally helpful.

  • Settings-> Battery -> Click on big Battery icon.

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