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My Asus Z6 ringtone configuration points to Audio files folder for selection but does not allow me to select any ringtone.

By default it displays my ringtone to be Festival. But that file does not play. Only a muted desk bell sound is heard.

I faced this problem when this phone was brand new. It did not allow me to navigate to the Asus ringtone collection folder. I worked around it originally by downloading a ringtone from the internet into the Audio files folder and pointing the ringtone configuration to the downloaded file.

Is this a known issue?

What's the best solution


  • Did you try to restart your phone?

  • I did. The problem persists

  • Remotely similar problem see this thread:

    "Clear storage" to "Media Storage" system app, restart phone and check again.

  • I do not get any error msg. It just won't select a file it was previously using.

    Also the real issue is there ia no navigation to access factory ringtones. Else id have no need for custom ringtone

  • Did you read my previous post?

    "Clear storage" to "Media Storage" system app, restart phone and check again.

  • Yes I saw it but didn't understand. I searched for both above strings in settings and found media storage app. I force stopped it and restarted device. The problem persists

  • I didn't say "Force Stop", you should tap Storage & Cache and then "Clear storage".

    If you didn't understand you should ask.

  • @pendsan So how did it turn out? Have you done it?

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