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Just a few questions that I'm sure a few of us wonder about.

Is there a date or anything set for the next update to be released?

Will the update bring the December patch as well?

I'm not in any rush since the version right now is working fine for me but I'm just curious. ;D


  • They don't do ETAs but I would be surprised if you don't see something this month. The December patch was apparently a big patch.

  • Pls work on these in the coming update.

    - whataspp images blurr issue

    -Ui lag



  • Next update is slated in December. Shouldnt be too long now.

    Will bring November security patch as it looks.

    Will also contain the usual bug fixes but also some extra small features here and there.

    Patch notes will be released once we are closer to the FOTA date.

  • @CH_ASUS

    Two questions for you:

    1. Will the camera receive an update to improve the quality in HDR++? (Fixing the aggressive noise reduction and overly high contrast setting)
    2. Will the next update fix the microphone issue for folks on T-mobile? (The issue of the microphone not working when placing calls, unless you enable and disable the speaker)


  • I add one more question... Will the next update fix the issue which prevents newer Gcam versions from working (HDR processing issue)?

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