Movement Wheel and skill buttons are too far from the edge

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Hi Guys,

So I got my ROG II and I am having bit of a problem playing Mobile Legends. There's a space from both sides (left and right) which causes my Movement wheel and Skill button a little far from the side edges of the phone. The game is set to full-screen but when I start a casual game or rank or brawl, the game is in full screen but the buttons are far from the edge (lower left for the movement and lower right for the skills). I don't want to root my phone just to fix that. Can anyone help please. T.T


  • The root problem lays with the developer so it's better if you push them to solve it. I see that they have only changed some of their code to work with modern phone displays so a lot of other android phones will have the exact same problem.

  • Yeah. Only the devloper can fix this.

    Azur Lane added a fix for this.. it's really nice.

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