Asus Rog 2 Strix Edition in Europe ( Hungary)

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The Rog Phone 2 Strix version has just been released in Europe (8/128) The specification on the Aasus website is unclear. It is important to have a B20 / 800 band. Is there an EU version of Strix?


  • Neither of those bands are supported by the ROG Phone II.

    The complete band list can be found here.

    Their is not an EU specific version of the ROG Phone II, you should be looking for the worldwide (WW) version.

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    B20 is supported. 800 is frequency of the band 20

  • My bad, I read an internal document incorrectly that has a slightly modified band list from the one I linked. Good catch OPC.

  • information from Taiwan Asus Center : Asus Rog Phone 2 Strix Edition ( EU version) : not B20, not 800 Mhz, not wifi a.d., not 4X4 MOMO! Ultimate and Elite Edition ( EU) : all theese specifikation are!!!!! Gratulation Asus! EU Strix poor telephone! Same!


  • Will have to check some SKUs in order to confirm that because the website just gives you the general information of the phone. I think the strix is the same as the 8/128 tencent version. Will try to dig some information up for you, if I can find it.

    And yes the website also states that ASUS phone 4G/LTE band compatibility varies by region, please check compatibility with local carriers.

  • So I did some digging around but I cannot find much and I definitely cannot confirm if the Strix EU version is going to follow the tencent version. I got no SKUs and spec sheet from EU to compare.

    For the MIMO thing, I think maybe the mods can help to confirm this. I think the MIMO specs are universal unlike the network bands which varies by region?

    I do see some discrepancies from different review sites and also sites that sell the phone . Some only indicate WLAN MIMO which is 2X2 but it does not say MIMO for data which is 4X4. Official websites states both WLAN and Data. confusing right ?

    So can the mods just confirm this ? yea ?

  • Asus Tencent Edition= Asus Strix Edition ( EU)   revile

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    Here is a screenshot of the EU Strix edition from the Italian Asus store. The number of bands is limited. The problem I see is that majority of customers believe it's the same as the Elite or Ultimate, just less storage and RAM. The website clearly gives full specification. But it's in small print and most people don't read it. Now there is a risk that there will be a bunch of unhappy customers. Like with Tencent version sold worldwide. Most people are just not tech savvy and informed.

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    Here is what I mean. You have a clear selection of memory and storage. Then you have to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on specifications. To avoid confusion I would suggest pointing out in big print right on top to check specification before buying.

  • @OPC , I agree with your criticism of the Italian site.

    This is a regional choice. The US estore has a completely different approach to the same product.

    It should be noted that the ROG Phone II estore page I linked also does not link the Band List, while the ZenFone 6 does. I believe that was a clerical error and have flagged it for the store team.

    My main point is that each estore is independent, and that would be feedback for them. I can forward it upstairs and maybe someone at HQ can ask the listings to be standardized.

  • Our store team updated the listing. Now if that isn't service I don't know what is! ;)

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    LP_ASUS I just try to suggest as people are clearly not looking into detail. It would be nice there would be no misunderstanding. I talk from my own experience as I almost bought Tencent version openly advertised in Europe as an all import duties paid option from the central European stock. Luckily by nature I like to check and recheck and I bought the international 12/512 GB version.?Kimovil makes a very useful source of information.

    The Strix Edition, like Tencent is not really suitable for Europe as we have a lot of smaller countries where carriers are regulated by national agencies and not a single EU body in selecting bands or other hardware options. Strix could work in one EU country but not in another. But within EU roaming is a regular thing and we need it work all over EU. The EU Commission is doing a lot of effort to standardize the market but there is still a long way to go. Basically we need the full international hardware version with 8/12 RAM option and 128/512/1000 storage option. That would avoid all confusion and make Rog 2 reachable to many customers.

  • I'm in full agreement with you. We need to work on our attention to detail across the e-commerce space, including motherboard other PC component specs. I frequently see laptop listings with incorrect specs.

    I'll pass this thread up the food chain, but I'm very removed from making sales decisions for the EU. ;)

  • Hi

    As already clarified here, the EU ROG Phone II Strix Edition does not support band 20.

    No Strix-edition supports band 20.

    As LP already mentioned we've passed it onwards to our related teams, to see if communication on official reseller channels can be improved for the future.

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